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Today, there is a bewildering and almost overwhelming amount and types of audio and video gear on the market for a consumer to “research” before buying. But reading ads, reviews, forums, blogs, etc. is no substitute for hearing fine equipment in a comfortable environment or for the caring, personal guidance that our experienced, dedicated hi-fi professionals will deliver every time you come in. Lavish Hi-Fi operator Craig Allison is highly respected as a uniquely valuable senior practitioner. In his 31 year career, he has handled well over 250 brands of high quality audio gear and evaluated far more. The stellar group of audio brands and products sold at Lavish Hi-Fi has been personally hand-selected by Craig on the basis of sound quality per dollar, reliability, and appearance, reflecting the hundreds of brands he has evaluated. His experience evaluating products, his knowledge of how to combine cost-effective specialty stereo products for beautiful sound, and his complete dedication to client happiness has set Craig apart from other vendors in the North Bay; just ask his customers!

Home Automation

logo product sonos new

Unquestionably the world’s most popular wireless music system, Sonos allows access to virtually all music formats; even the sweet sound of vinyl LP’s in your home can now be distributed wirelessly, along with Internet radio, popular streaming music services such as Pandora and Tidal, I-tunes and more. Virtually all the music you love plays easily from your phone or tablet. Sonos is proven and reliable, with a friendly user interface that allows anyone in any room to hear the music they wish at the volume they choose. Dynamic ‘zone grouping’ allows you to re-configure your Sonos zones to fit any and all lifestyles and day to day changes. Sonos can be added to an existing stereo, AV system or used as a standalone music system.
FACT: Sonos systems please millions of people!



In the early 70’s, NAD was founded as the true alternative to the “features per dollar” mass market products that disappoint in performance. NAD originated high-value Hi-Fi by concentrating on sound quality per dollar instead of bells , whistles , and false cosmetic appeal. NAD’s clean industrial design has achieved international recognition as a classic aesthetic in the audio specialty industry. NAD’s traditions of sonic excellence and ease of use have made NAD one of the world’s most beloved audio brands. NAD’s outstanding current products fully retain the original values that set NAD apart from the pack.
FACT: NAD is the most award-winning company in Hi-Fi history!

McIntosh Amplifier

The people behind the scenes at McIntosh possess a desire to achieve the finest quality standards. McIntosh has defined quality sound reproduction and sets the standards for performance, reliability and service. McIntosh has handcrafted prestige audio products in Binghamton, NY since 1949. Glassfront panels, Output Autoformers®, Blue Watt Meters and Power Guard®are some of the innovations that enhance our product longevity..
FACT: McIntosh is American Made!

Gamut Audio

Bespoke handcrafted state-of-the-art audio components – loudspeakers, amplifiers
cables - handcrafted in Denmark since 1982. Gamut has been quietly at the forefront of designing phenomenally musical audio systems for quite some time. In fact, Gamut pioneered the curved cabinetry manufacturing process now used by some of the world’s most successful high-end loudspeaker brands. GamuT started building amplifiers for recording studios in the early eighties. Most of the amplifiers built back then are still being used today. Thus GamuT and its unique proprietary single MosFet technology were born. A close marriage of art and science, the finest materials, immaculate craftsmanship and fanatical attention to details are key attributes of every world-class musical instrument. The same level of fanatical attention, care and expertise goes into the creation of every Gamut loudspeaker, Gamut amp and Gamut cables. And, like a musical instrument, every last detail of their design serves a specific sonic function. At Gamut, we believe that a dynamic, life-like sound is best achieved by seeking to master the art of channelling the natural properties of sound so that its energies and vibrations work for you and not against you. The Tao of sound, if you like.

FACT: Lavish HiFi is the only US dealer GamuT's ZODIAC on display.

graphic product KEF

logo company product KEF

No one would debate Kef’s lofty stature in the loudspeaker world. 52 years ago, BBC engineer Raymond Cooke founded Kef on two primary driving concepts: One, to consistently produce better speaker drive units than were available from any other manufacturer, and two, that such designs could not be realized without far more advanced testing and measurement techniques being developed and adopted. Today, Kef continues to invest more heavily in cutting edge measurement and design tools than any other speaker specialty manufacturer. 52 years on, Kef is making their best speakers ever; it’s a great time to buy Kef!
FACT: Many audio reviewers and audio enthusiasts will state that they had their first ‘aha moments’ in audio upon first encountering a Kef loudspeaker!

                        M1 1 copy flip

Musician, recording engineer, equipment designer, and serial entrepreneur, Mark Levinson is a legend in the audio world.

Based in Venice, Italy, his latest company, Daniel Hertz S.A., specializes in creating natural-sounding loudspeakers and electronics for music lovers who demand the very best.  Lavish Hi-Fi is North America’s only demonstrating dealer for the M1 flagship loudspeakers, M5 power amplifiers, and M6 preamplifier.

FACT: Daniel Hertz audio products are truly several orders of magnitude beyond anything else on the market. For an audition, you can travel to Venice, Vienna, or Bangkok—or Santa Rosa, California!



Rega has recently been put in the Hi-Fi Hall of Fame for 40 years of pure U.K. audio brilliance. Starting with the first Planar turntables and then the aluminum, thin-wall, die-cast RB-300 tonearm , fitted not only to Rega turntables ,but also specified for many other high-end turntables, Rega manufactured over 1 million RB-300 tonearms before the dye finally wore out and allowed the improved RB-303 tonearm to come to life. All Rega products ranging from turntable to amplifiers and digital audio products, are 100% designed, engineered and built in the Rega factory in Britain.
FACT: All this acclaim has been achieved from the grass roots; Rega has never had an advertising or marketing department in 40 years!

graphic product Parasound

logo company product Parasound

This San Francisco based company designs and makes amplifiers, preamplifiers and more used by such prestigious companies as Pixar, Dolby Labs, Sony, and many more. These big companies demand the highest level of performance combined with rock-solid reliability; their choice is Parasound. Parasound designs are always favorably compared to far costlier products for sound per dollar. Parasound products are also the darling of the high-end audio press; gear that sounds fantastic and is affordable for almost everyone who loves high-performance audio electronics.
FACT: Parasound Halo products, designed by electronics legend John Curl, are true perfectionist products selling at non-perfectionist prices!



logo company products Arcam

It’s no secret that Arcam audio products are highly prized the world over; they have a 40 year pedigree! Along with a long tradition of superb amplifiers, in the last two decades, Arcam has quietly solved some of digital audio’s biggest problems. Arcam HDMI performance for both audio and video is incomparable due to Arcam proprietary digital solutions, and Arcam DACs are simply superb, always beloved by audio critics. Understated yet elegant in appearance, Arcam serves the music with unique, low distortion sound quality, Arcam makes excellent audio specialty gear that conveys a natural, non-electronic sound free from glare or edge.
FACT: Arcam gear reproduces sound and video images ultra-truthfully!

JL Audio Subwoofers


JL Audio

Engineered and built to perform like no other. Every audio enthusiast's goal is to achieve effortless, articulate and dynamic bass that supports musical and cinematic presentations with equal aplomb. In the end, we want to make sure our technologies work together in your listening space, so we urge you to discuss your specific needs with us authorized JL Audio dealer. They will help you arrive at the best possible subwoofer solution for your home and can provide setup assistance to ensure that your listening experience is everything you hoped it would be.
FACT: JL Audio powered subwoofers are designed and built to achieve unprecedented performance in all those areas within reasonably sized, beautifully crafted packages.



Imagine a high-end, perfectionist audio company founded by a top recording engineer and the passionate, music loving owner of a precision medical instrument manufacturing company- The results: the Auralic Vega DSD/PCM DAC is Class A rated in Stereophile magazine, and the Aries hi-res music streaming bridge allows uncompromised audio quality with the convenience of wireless hi-res streaming from your I-Pad to your DAC.
FACT: Auralic is one of the most forward-thinking companies in all of high-end audio; the equipment is compact, gorgeous and built to the highest standard.

graphic product Bluesound

logo product Bluesound

Developed by NAD digital audio engineers, Bluesound’s cool looking components take wireless streaming to a new level of sound quality, including the hi-res stream capability which eludes most other reasonably priced wireless systems. Bluesound brings the convenience of music streaming together with high-performance audio, and the Bluesound app makes nice music at the touch of a finger.
FACT: If you dream of wireless but won’t sacrifice sound quality, Bluesound is for you.

graphic product Audience


logo company universal Audience

Since 1997, this American high-end audio company has been driven by a musical vision. Audience cables, wire products and AC line conditioners are unquestionably among the best in the world at any price. Furthermore, they are so neutral as to be non-system dependent. Here at LHF, very diverse systems and clients have all been 110% pleased with an Audience purchase. Best of all, Audience principal John McDonald has stunned the loudspeaker world, solving a vexing problem which prevents speakers from sounding realistic. The single driver, tweeter-less, crossover-less Clairaudient speakers from Audience have won top awards and astound all who listen. If you are used to typical multi- element speakers, your ears will stand up and applaud when pure, seamless sound emerges from the tiny but beautifully crafted and finished Clairaudient 1+1.
FACT: Audience makes “must hear” high-end audio products.

graphic product SVS

logo company product SVS

Founded by a savvy industry veteran who wants great sound to be affordable, SVS makes some of the best subwoofers in the world and sells them at uninflated prices that are almost too good to be believed; quite an achievement .While offering direct online sales, SVS is glad to have us as a prestige dealer who can educate and demonstrate what truly superb sub-woofing is about: power and precision, an equation that still defies others. Hear, buy SVS here; our price is the same as direct.
FACT: SVS subwoofers are as good as money can buy, for a lot less green.

Conrad Johnson

Conrad Johnson

When you get to heaven, you will find the person in charge owns conrad-johnson vacuum tube equipment. ‘C-J’ has continually advanced the art of vacuum tube electronics rooted in the primary c-j design methodology: The best music sound comes from components with simple, short signal path circuits, implemented with the finest, custom-designed parts. This design philosophy has kept generations of c-j vacuum tube products pleasing their owners and retaining high market value.
FACT: Experienced reviewers agree,”conrad-johnson just sounds right.” .

product Larsen


These Swedish speakers are literally a dream come true. Why? Because virtually all other high-end loudspeakers sound best sited in the open, well away from walls, taking up valuable living room landscape. Instead of this conundrum, Larsen loudspeakers are designed to sit flush against the wall and instead of fighting room reflections, Larsen incorporates them to produce a soundstage which is three-dimensional and holds up as you move around. Combine this with compact size, serious low frequency extension, faultless tonal balance and yes, Larsen IS an audio/music dream come true. Top clients have snapped them up, and the most esteemed high-end audio magazine recently expounded all of this and much more. The report stated in plain English that Larsen speakers actually sound much more like real live music than the vast percentage of much bigger, much more expensive, much fussier high-end loudspeakers.
FACT: LHF is the exclusive Larsen dealer in Northern California.



Sony audio and video products have pleased millions of people! Today, Sony is again strutting their stuff in both categories. Sony is clearly the leader in Ultra-HD, 4K TV picture quality, and has also lead the way in promoting the emerging Hi-Res audio era, which allows the sound of the artists’ original master tape to play in your living room. This is the Mt. Everest for all who love music and truly amazing sound; this is what Neil Young has been promoting. Escape from the distortions of compressed MP-3 files. Come in to LHF and hear familiar music in hi-res; it will get you back to listening and feeling your best.
FACT: Sony=4k+Hi-Res excellence.

graphic product Anthem

logo product Anthem

This world-renowned Canadian AV giant makes the audio/video processors that serve as the industry’s reference and delight those who relish ultimate Home Cinema performance. Several years ago, Anthem distilled their proven technology into a line of AV receivers; these are very popular choices; fast HDMI switching, easy setup, real multi-channel power delivery and Anthem’s ARC room correction program. No matter the seating or room layout, using Anthem’s ARC ensures smooth, even full room response, especially in the low frequencies which can be problematic w/o ARC correction. Anthem is a highly influential and successful manufacturer which we are proud to represent at LHF.
FACT: Anthem makes some of the very best AV equipment on earth.

graphic-product Straightwire


Straightwire cable and wire products are universally respected. The majority of Straightwire products are made in the U.S.A., and Straightwire is requested by many top companies including Kef and Parasound for key trade show exhibits,. Straightwire cable designs guarantee that they will have a cable that will be ideal for your system; no ‘one size fits all’ mentality. This separates Straightwire products out from a crowded cable field where it is easy to get bewildered or spend money needlessly. You can evaluate cables at home; it’s an LHF courtesy that serves you best.
FACT: You can’t hear your music w/o wires, and the cables are part of the audio signal path.

graphic product CAMBRIDGE AUDIO

logo company product CAMBRIDGE AUDIO

Yes, here at LHF we acknowledge the fact that Britain is the original home of hi-fi, and WWII would have come out much differently were it not for British superiority in electronics. Cambridge has decades of ‘sharp blade’ audio products behind them, and continues to offer singular sound quality in all the categories. Cambridge has also developed the Minx mini-speakers we sell here, the “Bose-Killers.”
FACT: Despite all the money that Brand B throws at marketing, it’s Cambridge Minx engineering quality that carries the day sound-wise; no contest, as all the reviews have said.

image product Quadraspire

logo company product Quadraspire

Experienced listeners know that the table, rack or platform their equipment sits on will definitely have an effect on the sound; it’s very easy to hear. Literally, every person that buys a simple, cool-looking Quadraspire audio table calls on the phone right after putting on music. They all say the same thing: ”I can’t believe how much better my system sounds, it’s amazing.” It’s all about freeing your gear from the effect of resonance, or energy storage as it is put by audio folks. Along with complete flexibility of size, height, and finish, Quadraspire audio tables are a bargain compared to many of the costly and weird-looking equipment isolation stations on the market.
FACT: A Quadraspire audio table is a big and unexpected sound improvement you can make while also improving how your gear looks!

graphic product </strong>


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At the end of the day, how many remote controls are on your table, and how easy is it to turn everything on and get your program going? If the answer is more than two, forget easy until Lavish PC-programs a master remote from Universal for you. All the command codes for all your equipment are loaded into the remote from PC , and then the various sequences of commands needed to switch from a music source, to TV, or operate any specific piece such as cable or satellite box ,TV, disc player; along with lighting and shade control , your system operation is easy and comprehensive. Lavish custom programs the master remote to your usage needs and personal preferences.
FACT: Today, this has become virtually as important as the performance quality of your system.

graphic product REL

logo product REL

REL sub-bass systems are among the cream of all British audio products. REL has consistently set the standard for moving prodigious, structure-shaking amounts of air with precision and low distortion. REL is also the only subwoofer company to specifically address the differing needs of two channel music reproduction by offering unique connectivity and very high quality internal electronics that will not degrade any aspect of music reproduction, but enhance it instead . REL’s audiophile-grade filtering optimizes the other main sub-bass job, reproducing the sense of air and space in recordings which are vital elements of the total sonic experience. FACT: Correct subwoofer set-up is a Lavish Hi-Fi specialty.

Home Automation

logo company medium sonance

Whether an action-packed blockbuster, a stadium concert or a quiet romantic comedy, Sonance home theater solutions deliver powerful detail and clarity for multi-channel film soudtracks and musical performances.  Sonance has solutions for nearly every use whether it's your home theater, the backyard, multi-room audio and much more.

graphic product meridian

logo product meridian

The number of unique technologies that have been developed by Meridian over the course of the company’s history is impressive in itself. That these technologies have set standards for the rest of the industry goes even further to prove a reputation for innovation and the pursuit of perfection.  The results have been some of the most highly-praised audio equipment in the world.



logo product leon-speakers

The Leon Speakers Corporation, established in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a worldwide leader in high-performance, audiophile-grade on-wall loudspeakers. Leon Speakers pioneered the design, research and development, and refinement of high-fidelity on-wall loudspeakers. Today, we meticulously handcraft a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions, seeking to bring immersive home theater experiences into luxury living spaces.

Home Automation

logo company medium sonance

Whether an action-packed blockbuster, a stadium concert or a quiet romantic comedy, Sonance home theater solutions deliver powerful detail and clarity for multi-channel film soudtracks and musical performances.  Sonance has solutions for nearly every use whether it's your home theater, the backyard, multi-room audio and much more.

graphic product sony-tv

logo company sony1

Picture quality so lifelike it's like looking through a window. Skin tones, lush landscape foliage and countless details come to life as the X-Reality™ picture engine optimizes the color, contrast and textures of each object individually. The X-Reality™ PRO engine adds unprecedented detail and delivers an infinitely broad spectrum of color by enhancing each scene, pixel by pixel, for our most true-to-life picture yet.



Stewart Filmscreen Corp is recognized as the "benchmark" manufacturer of projection screens worldwide. The qualities that make Stewart Filmscreen products the pinnacle of optimal function and value are guaranteed by extreme attention to detail throughout all of the activities of the company.

Home Automation

logo company medium savant

While home automation and control systems have existed for some time, SAVANT is truly special in several respects. It is designed by people who have tremendous experience in this field to be the friendliest, most flexible, capable automation system that is fun, intuitive while avoiding truly astronomic costs. SAVANT is Apple-centric at core, further broadening appeal, familiarity, and ease of use. Their products talk to and control more high performance, HiFi and 2 channel system than any other control system.
FACT: Apple’s gurus all love their Savant systems.

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