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Who We Are

Lavish Hi-Fi is operated by career audio professionals who strive to improve your life through an enhanced relationship with music listening. Lavish Hi-Fi is a division of Lavish Theaters Inc. is locally owned by Ryan Lyeth, a life-long Sonoma County resident. Lavish Hi-Fi is operated by Craig Allison, Barry Willis, Tony Doiron, Nikki Kratz, Ryan Lyeth and the Lavish Automation Team in Healdsburg.


Our Mission

It is our mission to ensure that our clients attain profound rewards from music + Hi-Fi. We educate, demonstrate, and provide them with the means to do so. We consider the information below as critical to understanding our mission and your accrual of the most value today from an activity that 99.9% of people already love.


The Real Reason To Enjoy Music & HiFi Today
Wellness, Music & Hi-Fi - our best antidote to modern day stress:

Due to non-stop media input about every event in the universe plus our own lives, folks in modern society today carry the largest stress load ever, and this unprecedented burden has by day’s end caused the ”racing mind syndrome” from which so many now suffer. Dis-ease …disease.


So what effective options actually do exist to restore us daily and keep us all walking on the sunny side of the street? Meditation, or a prescription drug?

Today, there is an unequivocal amount of pure scientific information re: specific positive wellness effects of intent listening to music reproduced at low distortion. And there is much more… V.I.P

This activity (or playing an instrument,) stimulates a part of the brain that NO OTHER activity stimulates. Many medical authorities acknowledge that children should be exposed to natural music sound as early as possible in order to ensure their full mental, emotional and socio-psychological development.


The wellness benefits of this activity are now clearly, medically ascribed:

1. In minutes, a significant reduction in your cortisol level, the #1 stress hormone.
2. Lower blood pressure, and all the benefits that flow from this vital health signpost.
3. Improved sleep compared to watching the bright lights of TV before bedtime.
4. Improved digestion due to lower acidity, an effect of stress reduction.
5. Significant distraction from pain or chemo effects.

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